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City Girl meets Good Ol' Country Farm Boy.

Jennifer grew up in the city. No dirt, no tractor, no cows, no horses and certainly no donkeys! Instead her daily life was around a mom who was always interior designing, building, creating and sewing. She would run around with her Mom to all her shops and  boutiques. Her Mother would sew up her outfits, bows and design her shoes.  Jen was decked out from head to toe! She loved it. So at an early age she started sewing up pillows and making Christmas ornaments to sell.

Jen's dad would help her Mother build furniture and many other things.  Home Depot trips with dad is such a cherished memory for her.  Her parents knew at an early age Jen would be an entrepreneur one day. 

While somewhere on the other side of Fort Worth Ryan was always building, welding, remodeling, and fixin' those peoples air condition and electrical problems. Workin' on trucks and just fixin' everything and anything someone needed him to over yonder.! 

Jen prayed for a big ol' country boy who could fix anything and grew up on a farm. Then one day her dream came true.

It was when Ryan added a room to their home, built an amazing pergola, fixed her to-do list over and over , built their bed, table ect. Oh, and every car problem, plumbing , electrical problem was always fixed.  She knew then that God has his hand in this all along.

Jennifer now gets to work out of a big old red barn with lots of room. Blessed with three lovely home schooled kiddos. Who get to learn how to build, paint and create. While they run around on the couple acres they have. 

 Jennifer loves what she does and is thankful she gets to work at home and homeschool her babies.. 





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